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Norooz Festival ™

The Iranian / Persian new year celebration, a celebration held by all people of Persian heritage. Norooz Festival is an annual celebration of the Persian way of life with the arrival of spring. As the flowers blossom & the trees come to life again this festival takes over the city bringing joy and celebration of a new year to all.    Tickets: PreSale $10.00  at the Door $15.00

The Importance of Teaching Kids about Other Cultures

When kids learn about other cultures, it helps them understand and feel engaged in the world.  They become interested in how other people live, their cultural norms and values, different religions and languages.   Difference should be presented as a positive thing in a child's world so that it will become a healthy challenge to develop and socialize in tolerance and acceptance.

The festival was started in 2003 and continues to be a great success in not only celebrating the Persian new year and also a rich tradition of business owners coming together to support the less fortune in Los Angeles.

Join us this March 16 for the largest celebration of Spring in Los Angeles.  

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